Class of 1966

35th Class Reunion Weekend

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The Sunday Picnic found about 100 Class of 1966 alumni straggling across campus as if it had been 36 years ago and we had all been up late the night before partying. We started out like first year students in awe of the big campus. It seemed larger than we remembered it...really.

Mr. Aronow with Kerry and Jessie
with the rearranged Quad behind and it's beautiful full grown trees.

Mr. Aronow with Gary, Kris, Cathy and Steve
in front of the Tree of Knowledge.

The tour of new and old buildings and classrooms was lead by
an enthusiastic and knowledgeable Terry Stoller, the school Athletic Director.

The Library had a face lift, but was the same old gal.

The school tour continued around all the old campus...
auditorium, administration and science buildings.

Chris, Ellen, Leslie and Sue laughing as they remember the 'good old days'.

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