Kittridge Elementary School A6 Class Photo W 1960

Listed are the names we can remember:

1. Top Row: Freddy Michael, Darlene Branch, Robert Estner, Rina Zusmer, David Lustig, ?, Jerry Polachek (had a twin named Jackie, but they went to Grant), Mary Bowen, Carl Malone

2.?, ?, Mark Evans, Nancy Carter, Steve Fischler, ?, Carl McClellan, Carol Dawson, Ronnie Ianolfo

5. 3rd Row: Linda Purcell, Carl Moskowitz, Me (good God) Penny Campbell, Steve somebody, Maria Cuchia

I think the remainder went to Madison then Grant.

I hope this helps Good luck

Fred Michael
Thanks for sending this picture. Gotta good laugh!
See ya, Penny

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